Fung Chin Pang is another one of those talented Chinese illustrators that has developed a nice little niche in the international market. Like Benjamin Zhang Bin and fellow Hong Kong-er Lokman Lam, they draw girls of legal age pretty well. Cute, innocent, vulnerable... Nevermind.

Commissioned work for some firm.

The guy racks up at least a minimum of 100,000 hits per illustration in deviantART. There's nothing that says "You're popular!!!!!" if you get that sort of attention for your work.

Work for a gaming magazine.

Not that it seriously matters though. The guy's style is quite pleasing to the eye. It's got that Ashley Wood style coloring, which I sadly had to reference when the reality is he's more influenced by Manet, Monet, klimt, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Schiele, Hiroaki Samura, Nihei Tsutomu, Yukito Kishiro.

I should know. It said on his deviantART profile. Amazing, isn't it? He's also worked on a book entitled "鶯~EROTICA". It depicts pretty, young things wandering around picturesque neighborhoods...

... Or staring at themselves at the mirror, feeling insecure about their bodies. That sort of thing. You can check out more of the world-famous Fung Chin Pang at his deviantART profile:

Oh, I forgot he did concept work for some game studio...


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