So I was listening to the always awesome Asaf Hanuka (on Big Illustration Party Time Podcast), brother to Tomer Hanuka, whom I featured earlier in this blog. Anyway, he mentions how he loves the comic-book aesthetic, and how surprised he was when it became in vogue in the professional illustration world. Nobody could've predicated it really... But if you've been following this blog, you would have definitely seen how a number of artists have taken advantage of this trend.

Nobody knows how long this bubble will last. In the meantime, I'm loving every minute of it. Here's another artist doing the same!!

It's Matthew M. Laskowski, ladies and gentlemen! Lovely, slick style. Gotta hand it to him. He's at his best when he delivers clean, crisp illustration like the one I used for the title.

He's got that larger than life perspective thing going on, which I love. Colors are vibrant, but I wouldn't expect any less in this post-Mirror's Edge world.

The guy loves photography, and for some reason, that always translates well for illustrators like good ol' Matthew.

He's got this original character names named "Maia" from his original graphic novel "Sythesis". Sorta like Artgerm's infamous Pepper. I like quirky stuff like that.


Wonderful individual, great portfolio. Inspirations include the likes of Lucasfilm concept artists Doug Chiang (he left...), Iain McCaig, as well as Kristian Donaldson, Inio Asano, Kiyohiko Azuma. If this sort of information means anything to you.

Like most illustrators these days, he has a deviantART account and a pretty active journal. I am pretty damned please professional artists are posting their art process online as opposed to being all mysterious-like. Go on. Check his portfolio if you've got nothing better to do.

Or better yet, watch how he works:


  1. Fox O'Rian Says:
  2. Hahahaha thanks for the feature dude, this is one of the more verbose ones I've ever seen XD Most people tend to just copy my bio from my website and a bunch of pics with it!

    I'm gonna put you in my Features links section on my next update.

  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. I noticed. I try my darnest to mix-up my write-ups =)

    You're one of my inspirations, keep up the awesome work!

  5. DS Says:
  6. Wow man, your blog has changed a lot. I havent been here for quite some time but I totaly like new look. Nice to see feature stuff from Fox O'Rian and Janschi.

    Do you still draw?


  7. ChrisK Says:
  8. Hey DS, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the redesign, couldn't have done it without workpress =) Yeah, I've been working hard these past couple of months improving my anatomy with Andrew Loomis, Walt Reed books. Scrapped my old stuff, and am really pushing for a fresh start this year. How about you?

  9. DS Says:
  10. It's good to hear you are improving. I think I have stopped in dead-end. Havent done anything new in few months and cant get inspiration to work. Online gaming is what devours me. Tho I try to sketch but more doodles than something worth to be shown. For some time I was active on but I'v never finished things I started. I gues I'm easily distracted. :D

  11. ChrisK Says:
  12. Hey DS, you gotta go cold-turkey on that online gaming habit of yours. If art is your passion, do it or end up old and full of regrets. Hehe, maybe I should shift my posts to way to jump-start artistic habits and such...

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