All of you students and aspiring artists out there looking to break into the art/media industry... read this article. It might just give you the mindset to survive. Here's an excerpt:

We know you've been working very hard on your screenplay, but before you go looking for some professional feedback, you might keep in mind the following piece by A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson.

​I will not read your fucking script.

That's simple enough, isn't it? "I will not read your fucking script." What's not clear about that? There's nothing personal about it, nothing loaded, nothing complicated. I simply have no interest in reading your fucking screenplay. None whatsoever.

If that seems unfair, I'll make you a deal. In return for you not asking me to read your fucking script, I will not ask you to wash my fucking car, or take my fucking picture, or represent me in fucking court, or take out my fucking gall bladder, or whatever the fuck it is that you do for a living.

You're a lovely person. Whatever time we've spent together has, I'm sure, been pleasurable for both of us. I quite enjoyed that conversation we once had about structure and theme, and why Sergio Leone is the greatest director who ever lived. Yes, we bonded, and yes, I wish you luck in all your endeavors, and it would thrill me no end to hear that you had sold your screenplay, and that it had been made into the best movie since Godfather Part II.

But I will not read your fucking script.

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Now replace what you've just read with the specific artistic/design field you're working on and you're good to go. The article was reposted at ConceptArt. You might find some good responses there to answer any artistic turmoil within you.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I know this is 3 months late - I've been a bit of a blog hermit since New Year's haha.

    But I just wanted to express my gratitude in your sharing this. If you hadn't posted, I may never have read it. And I may never have learned a thing or two, as a person that is interested in both a design AND writing future.

    So thanks. It was very enlightening in every respect of the word.

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