I'll be honest. I can't say much about the Hong Kong artist known as 'Lokman'. When I first encountered his work all those years ago, it was by simply by accident. Nowadays, he's everywhere in these niche art blogs and online portfolio feeds. His work certainly is interesting... His work is... difficult to put into words... because you just stare at them... If you're a guy...

One might describe this guy as... having a bit of a fetish. Phooey to that! Let the man do what he pleases!

As you can see, he does a whole other range of commercial / personal art that doesn't involve big breasted asian warrior women wrapped up in bondage gear and... and... I...

Aw hell! Perhaps these images are for a new ice cream commercial?

These images indicate Lokman's models are enjoying their cool treat very much. Lokman truly captures the essence of enjoying a stick of ice cream. Naturally, Lokman's creative range extends far wider than this since he's an Art Director for some visual design firm! According to his site, he's working for a company called Imagi International Holdings Ltd. Maybe you've heard of it?

One of the classic Lokman art I stumbled upon all those years ago...

This guy climbed from the bottom, and showed everyone his "wonderful" talent. In 1999, he began as just a comic assistant! Awesome. Then he got promoted Illustrator a year later, then yes, to Art Director.

I wish this guy well. Thank you again, Lokman! Thank you for sharing your unique creative vision to the world! And congratulations to your little feature at ImagineFX!

1 Responses to The Cute Art of Lokman Lam! (Revisited)

  1. LokmanLam Says:
  2. Hi, very happy to see this post, thank you so much for your essay, and
    thank you for love my drawing, thanks again :-)

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