So far I've had regular blog staples like "Featured Portfolio" and "Artist Profile" where I showcase a sampling of some of my favorite visual artists' works. I have poor memory, is all. And since most of my content is "borrowed" from places like, I decided to feature another thing from that place. Sketchbooks!

I love ConceptArt's artist's sketchbooks. This is where you get to see your favorite artists early works, work-in-progress (be it sketches or paintings). The evolution of an artist is absolutely fascinating. But enough of my babbling.

Let's start off on a high note with the magnificent Jana Schirmer (Janaschi is her ID), an absolutely amazing visual artist based on Leipzig, Germany.


She was born July 30, 1987... and what amazing figure studies! Amazing considering these are some of her earlier works of 2009.

 Her color studies are gorgeous. Lots of light. Not muddy like most artists her age.
 Yes, I will be gushing about her work for this entire post, but it's not like people aren't doing on the boards. See those amazing gesture lines!

She offers a peek into her workflow as well. Her attention to detail and composition is spot-on. Of course, if you have something else to say about that, say something.

She draws women all elegant like. Kinda reminds me of Alphonse Mucha for some reason. Maybe it's because I know so few artists.

Here's a cute little piece she did towards the end of 2009. Slick.

Go on. Catch up on all her latest works at her DeviantART account. Or if you want to see more of her amazing process and sketches, then head on to her sketchbook. Groarr!!


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