Remember back in the day (around late 2007) when I was salivating over this manhua thing, beginning with artists like Hyung Tae-Kim and later stuff from Imperial Boy? Yeah, those were ... innocent times.

So here I was, looking for the next 'big' art inspiration (or in my case not so big, since I rarely update and thus don't keep up with the times) and lo and behold, I found Benjamin.

I think I will drop my job for a few seconds as I upload some of the most striking, elegant digital paintings/illustrations I've ever laid my eyes on. I've always loved works from artists that manage to elevate the mundane, you know? Put that ol' artistic spin to it and make it look all mysterious, sexy and all that good stuff.

Who is this Benjamin chap? Okay, let's see... according to a number of blogs that talk about this guy (many of which are in French), his full name is Benjamin Zhang Bin' who hails not from Japan or Korea, but from China. He's a Manhua (Chinese Comic Book) artist, and a damn good one too. (
Told you Manhwa/Manhua would catch on sooner or later! -Ed)

French can't seem to get enough of this guy, and a lot of Benjie's stuff was first published there. He's published a lot of stuff over there, and some time in 2008 he began getting stuff out through TokyoPop, the American Manga house. It saddens me that I may never see his stuff translated and released in my country, but at least I get to ogle at these breathtaking covers. Click on the image to get a slightly better look, whydontya?

Some time in March 2008, the entire Manhwa/Manhwa phenomenon got a really big push from all sorts of creative types, with events being held across the globe. There were Digital Art/Manga competitions, conventions held at London and around Europe, and books being published Stateside. Lots of great stuff all around, and for some inexplicable reason, I missed it. Oh right, I live in the Philippines.

So I read one interview with ol' Benjie, and they asked him something regarding his 'style'. He graciously replied:

"Ah? You’re talking about how my illustrations are more realistic, right? Originally my comic characters were even lankier; recently I’m already very restrained. That kind of lanky, exaggerated body is better to draw, producing results quickly. Comics are always rushed and the amount of work huge. No choice. If it’s an illustration, I use sufficient time to pay attention to the human body, to find the aesthetic sense in more realistic proportions."

My thoughts:
I was lucky enough to buy Benjamin's
ORANGE manga, (That's how I discovered the guy's work) and he's right - a lot of his stuff is done quite quick, though his skill as an artist makes his rough stylings easily identifiable. He excels depicting his subjects, mostly disgruntled youth-types, in the most beautiful and vibrant manner possible. He clearly uses Corel Painter, which helps sell the painterly effect of his work.

The sequential image shows off ORANGE's dynamic stylings

Looking at these illustrations and even the sequential images, a lot of people might have trouble describing what makes it different from stuff from Japan and other parts of the world.

Yishan Lee, a Chinese UK-based artist, had this to say:
"...people probably will realise it is hard to tell what is a Chinese comic just by looking at the pictures. Actually, Chinese comics are so diverse in styles. They have been influenced by European, American, Japanese comics and yet carried on some traditions from traditional Chinese drawings. For individual artists, they have their own preference. It is only easier to tell which one is Chinese Manhua when it comes to the story. Chinese artists do have their own way to look at the world."

Me thinks the guy in the image above is disappointed in what life has to offer...

I don't live in Mainland China, but Benjamin's
ORANGE (set in Taiwan I think?) paints a beautifully decadent world where the youth are finding it hard NOT to rebel. An interview asked this question - why are many of the protagonists of his comics a bunch of vain, emotionally distressed teenagers?

"Actually, I find that everywhere, young people are no longer believing in anything, no longer having faith, totally at a loose end psychologically and feeling really insecure. These young people can't cooperate or fit in with society, and especially for those who have had a relatively high level of education, for them this psychological void is even more serious. In most cases, they hardly have any trust in their parents (for someone Chinese that's the absolute minimum of morality) and also don't trust either their partners or friends."

Angry, rebellious teens... in China?? Really? No way.

Whatever the case may be, I'm going to go hunting for this guy's work. I don't care if you say his work might be a tad uninspired. There's just something about the Chinese stylings of the story that makes it feel fresh... and all dirty inside despite being depicted in the most beautiful, stylized way possible. Here's an interesting little snippet from the interview I found interesting:

Do you feel that using this kind of exaggerated comic style expresses your story’s mood, etc. better?

"Readers like this kind of style more actually. I dare say if I use my illustrating style in my comics, all my efforts will only raise questions amongst the readers. They’ll say my comics aren’t as good as before. But I’m just about to take this risk, to draw my comics in my illustrating style…"

Read the full interview here.

Yeah. so like I was saying - beautiful. Hmm... I wonder how many times have I described his work with that adjective..? Ah, it doesn't matter. One of Benjamin's goals in life was to be that of a world-class painter. That and to travel the world. Great guy, great art - I'll be watching.

Oh, if you can spare two minutes, maybe you can watch this video showcasing this Manhua/Manhwa craze. Which I missed in 2008. Just watch it, okay?

Also, check this article/interview about Chinese Manhua. Good read.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. When you watch Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell anime there is a part where the villain is being pursued by Motoko Kusanagi and Batou. You see him running through sewer canals to end up in a river where he is pummeled by Motoko wearing an invisibility cloak. What interested me most about this scene was the high rise apartments and the ambiance created by the soundtrack. The setting for the anime according to the commentary was Hong Kong. Benjamin's work reminded me of this and how a story about the ordinary lives of the people in the high rises with disgruntled protagonists that you'd most likely meet in real life just might be more interesting than the parodying that is being done by super powered characters in manga and comics today.

  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. I totally agree with your sentiments the beauty of the Hong Kong scenes in GITS. The moody Vangelis-esque soundtrack were fantastic and truly epic.

    I would definitely welcome more Chinese, South Korean and Japanese illustrators interpret these decaying worlds through large colored comics similar to what Benjamin has done. It's a shame that we rarely (if ever) see their works being brought Stateside. It's worth noting that with manga sales are at an all-time low, and self-publishing becoming harder for the indie guys - I wish them all the best of luck...

    It's a given that the dominance of the "Big 2" in the print comics market means that American tastes in comics really changed since the last century (Diamond's January 2009 comicbook sales figures have revealed that the Spiderman comic featuring President Obama topped charts - the plot involving Pres. Obama being impersonated by a shape-shifting Skrull alien! Amazing indeed...)

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Manhua is certainly a big industry, at least from what I have seen, in the Hong Kong area. Forget the mainland, mostly, simply because Hong Kong has built not only a name for itself but also a culture forged around the premises of designworks and efficiency-seeking innovations. Unfortunately, all this merges with the fact that 1) the majority of manhua is highly-disposable, costing little to nothing per issue and often produced by more than ten people resulting in a twenty-plus page issue EVERY WEEK; and 2) the comparatively-impoverished people who make these comics are cursed by their own plight, making (locally) decent livings on comics but seldom seeking any sort of artistic innovation.

    Much like the Frenchmen who started the le nouveau manga movement in light of European comics being well-distributed but lazily executed, Hong Kong and manhua in general requires more people to step outside of the normal box and seek to popularise the artform outside of their own small island. Without more artists like "Benjamin" (of whom I must admit to being unaware before your post, Mr. Kaw) China's unique build of comicking will remain in obscurity, unrecognised by all except the Chinese, the comic scholar, and, of course, the talented people who make it come to life in the first place.

  7. ChrisK Says:
  8. In other words, being a manhua artist sucks...

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Pretty much. I am not particularly critical of China (having no first-hand experience of lifestyles therein) but regardless of anyone's opinion, it would be difficult to argue that they have not set-up certain barriers which could serve to prevent each local talent from garnering an international popularity. Despite manhua's long tradition and (in my opinion) powerful differences from better-known Japanese and Korean comics, the artists themselves have very few outlets whereon to publish their works.

    Although I'm retreading a bit of ground from my first post, this is the likely set of options for a manhua artist to have when searching for work:

    1) COMICS. Help create a comic alongside eight or more others like yourself, with likely at-least five other pencillers, and experience the joys of having one's name printed so small that the radicals in your family name are difficult to discern.

    2) POLITICAL. Work for the government, drawing what they want you to draw, have your talents displayed everywhere from Hong Kong to the Mongol borders and be paid well to do it, but know that one will never be able to (legally) exit the country once the circle has begun.

    3) UNDERGROUND. Spend much of one's time with a part-time job, likely partnered with several others sharing the same goals as oneself, and use any extra money to publish through one of the hundreds of local print-shops a book which is unsponsored by any standing publisher or organisation. Risk massive fines or imprisonment for not "going through proper channels" when making a book of art and expression.

    Though I am not a supporter of graffiti and/or vandalism, one grass-roots option many artists in the United States possess over those in China is street art. Whether it's because of stricter laws or simply more-efficient police forces, US-American art on city walls (illegal) or private murals aside apartment buildings et al. (legal) can stand for months if not years before being erased. At the lowest level, this is also an option to develop one's talent while building popularity to which, again, skilful manhua artists simply do not have access.

  11. ChrisK Says:
  12. Well, the Koreans do have the support of American comics publisher "Udon Entertainment", with anthologies like "APPLE" (which was supported by Seoul Visual Works) - and I'm seeing some American comic book franchises hiring Korean artists to do cover work and stuff.

    I'm under the idea that Chinese artists are having greater success in the digital/concept art industry. I recall back when I went in CG Overdrive conference, which was held in Singapore, that a lot of companies have been looking to hire artists in China for various media projects.

    But I guess I've gotten really off-tangent. A grass-roots campaign for unknown Chinese comic artists/illustrators? They're out there, but I haven't done the research. Good suggestions though...

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. Perhaps this is a bit strange to say, but I hope that one can follow my logic on this one: Many Japanese artists gain popularity and international fame through work on comics (manga) which are produced in black-and-white. Chinese comics, on the other hand, are printed in colour and thus are more expensive to pick-up for international markets. Thus, it comes to be more risk than many companies are willing to take, especially when they can get a Japanese title for less than half the price.

    Many Japanese artists gain popularity and international fame through work on animation (animé) works which are produced in such numbers that everyone can see them. Chinese animation of an artistic quality, on the other hand, is near-nonexistent due to cheaper costs of importing and translating Japanese and western-produced works. Thus, gaining respectability through mass-marketed mechanical designs, character designs, or settings connected to a popular animated series or film is nonexistent for the Chinese artist.

    When one sees what a marketing behemoth Japan has been across the last thirty years, it also points to the creation of greater opportunity for young talent to sprout and developed talent to be recognised not only in local circles but around the world. Sure, a Chinese artist might capture the hearts of fifty-percent the population of Kowloon, but (economically) for a businessman from Paris or San Francisco, that means nothing compared to an artist who captured the hearts of fifty-percent the population of Toukyou.

    Following that same line of consideration, Chinese artists then appear to be undeveloped when, in fact, they're attracting all the fans they can get. But they don't have access to Marvel Comics' marketing power, Shougakukan's business partners, or Paramount Pictures' widespreading arms of distribution. Ultimately--and it's a sad circumstance, I know--the Chinese artists are trapped by their own circumstance and, like comickers around the world (like myself) one just needs to fight their way out of the ground to succeed. They may have different problems, but seriously, if one is really filled with desire...hop on a tourist boat and seek refugee status or something but don't give up!

  15. ChrisK Says:
  16. Well, if international success to a Chinese artist based in the mainland seems like a lost cause, there's still a billion souls IN China that can be tapped.

    Granted, not everyone would be college-educated, and distribution/publishing would be a b**ch, not to mention possible censorship of ideas and images, but hey, a market's a market...

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  89. スタビ Says:
  90. 復活、スタービーチ!日本最大の友達探しサイトがついに復活、進化を遂げた新生スタービーチをやってみませんか?理想のパートナー探しの手助け、合コンパーティー等も随時開催しています。楽しかった頃のスタビを体験しよう

  91. 処女 Says:
  92. 「友達の中で処女なのは私だけ…でも恥ずかしくて処女だなんて言えない、誰でもイイからバージンを貰ってほしい!」そんな女性が沢山いる事をご存じですか?出合いが無かった、家が厳格だった等の理由でHを経験したことがない女性がたくさんいるのです。当サイトはそんな女性たちと男性を引き合わせるサイトです

  93. メアド開運、あなたの使ってるメアドを診断出来ちゃうサイト!吉と出るか凶と出るかはあなた次第、普段使ってるメアドの金運、恋愛運が測定できちゃいます

  94. 逆¥交際 Says:
  95. 今話題の逆¥交際!あなたはもう体験しましたか?当サイトでは逆援希望の女性が男性を自由に選べるシステムを採用しています。成功を収めた女性ほど金銭面は豊かですが愛に飢えているのです。いますぐTOPページからどうぞ

  96. 豪華賞品 Says:
  97. 只今、シャープ32型液晶テレビ、PS3等、豪華商品が当たるキャンペーンを実施中!まずは欲しい商品を選び、メールアドレスを登録して無料エントリー!その場で当たりが出たら賞品ゲットできます。抽選に外れた方もWチャンスで商品券等が当たります。ぜひチャレンジして下さい

  98. 副収入 Says:
  99. 一夜限りの割り切ったお付き合いで副収入が得られる交際サイトのご案内です。アルバイト感覚での挑戦もできる、安心の無料登録システムを採用しておりますので、興味のある方は当サイトへぜひどうぞ

  100. メル友 Says:
  101. 彼氏にDVされて、ちょっと男性不信です。でも、恋愛して彼氏も作りたいと思ってるので、優しく接してくれる人を探してます。連絡待ってまぁす!

  102. 神待ち Says:
  103. 家出をして不安な少女たちの書込が神待ち掲示板に増えています。一日遊んであげたり、家に招いて泊まらせてあげるだけで、彼女たちはあなたに精一杯のお礼をしてくれるはずです

  104. 乱交 Says:
  105. 全国乱交連盟主催、スワップパーティーに参加しませんか?初めての方でも安心してお楽しみいただけるパーティーです。参加費は無料、開催地も全国に120ヶ所ありますので気軽に参加してお楽しみ下さい

  106. SM・露出・スワッピング・レズ・女装・フェチなど…普通じゃ物足りないあなたが思う存分楽しめる世界!貴方だけのパートナーを探してみませんか?アブノーマルでしか味わえない至福の時をお過ごしください

  107. セレブラブでは毎月10万円を最低ラインとする謝礼を得て、セレブ女性に快楽を与える仕事があります。無料登録した後はメールアプローチを待つだけでもOK、あなたも当サイトで欲求を満たしあう関係を作ってみませんか

  108. 裏バイト Says:
  109. 簡単に大金を稼ぐことができる裏バイトがあります。女性が好きな方、健康な方なら日給3万円以上の収入を得ることも可能です。興味のある方はHPをご覧ください

  110. 救援部 Says:
  111. 一人Hを男性に見てもらうことで興奮する女性が多数いることをご存じですか?当サイト、救援部ではそんな女性たちが多数登録されています。男性会員様は彼女たちのオ○ニーを見てあげるだけで謝礼を貰えるシステムとなっております。

  112. 冬に1人ボッチで家でご飯とかオヤスミなんて寂しすぎるょ~~っ!こんなところに書き込んだら削除されちゃいそうだけど少しでもきっかけ作らなくっちゃと思って書いてみましたっ!!気軽に会ったり出来たりする方ってこの掲示板見てませんか~!?良かったらメールくださいね★フリメだったら私気付けないんで携帯のアドレス乗せておくねっ!!

  113. 失恋 Says:
  114. 失恋は心に深い傷を残します。その傷を癒す特効薬、それは新しい出会い。あなたの心を癒す、素晴らしい出会いを当サイトで見つけて、笑顔を取り戻してください

  115. 高額バイトのご案内です。欲求不満になっている女性を癒して差し上げるお仕事です。参加にあたり用紙、学歴等は一切問いません。高収入を稼ぎたい、女性に興味のある方はぜひどうぞ

  116. 交際 Says:
  117. スタービーチの突然の閉鎖、優良な友達探しサイトが無くなってしまいましたが、新生・スタービーチがここに復活しました!、進化を遂げた新生スタービーチをやってみませんか?理想の交際探しの手助け、合コンパーティー等も随時開催しています。楽しかった頃のスタビを体験しよう

  118. 「家出してるんで、泊まるところないですか?」家出救済神待ちサイトには毎日このような女の子からの書き込みがされています。彼女たちはホテルや家に泊まらせてあげたり、遊んであげるだけであなたに精一杯のお礼をしてくれるはずです

  119. 露出 Says:
  120. 普通のプレイじゃ絶対味わえない快感、それは野外露出プレイ。最初は嫌がっていた女も次第にハマっていって、その内それが快感に変わってきます。野外露出プレイで興奮度アップ間違い無し

  121. 友達 Says:
  122. 早い時期に結婚してしまって、少し後悔しているんです。私は、今の夫しか経験が無くって、このままでいいのかなって…。思うようになってきてしまって…冒険はしたいんですけど、やっぱりばれたりしたら怖いので…割り切りで会える方って居ませんでしょうか?連絡お待ちしてますね♪最初に年齢を教えてくれるとうれしいです。

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