Blank slate. Not the Richard Garriot MMORPG game that has just been released at the time of this writing. Just... a blank slate. Robotech gone. Med moving on.

But wait, you're thinking, I'm still doing that Robotech comic for a certain
Jonathan (see post prior to this) Well yes. I already have the initial script available written on a notebook. But now I'm looking at the damn script, and if it weren't for references to "Protoculture" or "Robotech Masters", I would think this is a comic for Games Workshops' Warhammer 40K or something!

Early Robotech fan art. I've actually made a lot of the years in the RT fandom,
but more than half were deleted by the equally neurotic Steve Yun when I
was kicked out of the Official Robotech Site

Good times.

This comic is a great way to learn "Sequential Art", or 'comic' as people seemed to have stop calling the damn thing. It's a artistic challenge I haven't taken on since I first drew a
Veritech Alpha Figher (a aircraft in Robotech) Here's the dilemma for what I'm doing though... I don't want my work to feel... amateurish. I mean, yeah, okay, first of all its a fan comic - which already gives off a certain negative stigma. We all know that. But what I want is for my comic to exhibit that trait of "professionalism". It's that profound feeling when you forget you're reading/viewing a fan-made work. It's pretty hard to define, especially to cynics who believe these iffy situations can only be seen in black or white (fan-made amateur effort, as opposed to officially sanctioned crap).

Again. I ramble. I've been rambling a lot lately because I've got a lot going on in my mind now. I've sorta begun life drawings. Sorta. That's a good start. I hope I can sustain my enthusiasm for this 'learning period' I've set for myself. I also noticed my greatest flaw here - proportions and foreshortening. I will work on that.

Ah, I want to get to the ol' blog routine. Because that's also why I started one in the first place! This place ain't all about silly fan projects! Not all of it. You might wonder, now what? Ya' still interested in videogames and space marines now with your project dead in the water? Well, yes. But lets go beyond that. Anybody interested in 'fantasy' art? Thought so. I don't really like it either. But I will be exploring it soon, and I'll also start talking more about art tips, getting ideas, and other junk that is more or less irrelevant to our daily lives.

Hey, my audience is small. Hell, that's because my perspective has been small all this time. And yet the Void is indifferent to all this. No comments. No reaction. Waiting. Watching. Laughing.

Now that Robotech is you know... dead and all, my perspective... It's almost kinda like two atoms. You know? Two atoms waiting for a reaction that'll cause a supernova of creative ideas. Corny, huh? I know, sorry. Watch this.

Excerpts from professional animator
Michel Gagne's website:

"Prelude to Eden was my great animation experiment. At the time I started this project, I’d been working for Bluth for over 4 years. Although being there was a tremendous learning experience, I wasn’t that thrilled with the kind of animation I was doing. The Bluth style is fine, but what I really wanted to do was the "Gagné" style, or at least find out what the Gagné style was. Prelude to Eden was the film that helped me find my own sense of storytelling, timing, motion and design. It was total artistic self-exploration.

At first, I wasn’t sure what story I was going to tell. I just started. I'd always wanted to animate an atom with electrons spinning around over a black background. I don’t know why. It’s an image that's been stuck in my mind ever since I saw "Our Friend the Atom" back in high school. So the film starts with an energy blast from which a spinning atom is created.
From there, a basic premise emerge: Before there was life on Earth, or before there was even an Earth in the galaxy, or before there was even a galaxy in the universe, or, indeed, before there was even a universe at all, there was an epic battle between opposite forces. The outcome of this epic clash created the spark, which triggered the explosion known as The Big Bang."

Robotech is dead! Long live Robotech! Damn I can be really weird, huh?


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