Many of you may have figured out that I don't use the term "concept" so broadly, I might as well call this site "all kinds of stuff" rather than "Concept Central". (Which is weird since the former name is already the name for John Kricfalusi's own blog)

But since I'm running the blog, I don't give a frack. And right now, I want to talk more about... erm... Video game's fascination with making their games uber-sexy, and the who this whole trend to make impossibly sexy women. I mean, what's the deal with that? Is this because of the whole glamorization of the video game industry and its struggle to maintain that it is indeed a juvenile pursuit?? What the heck am I blabbering about??

Wait, let me collect my thoughts. I mean, have sexy video game characters isn't new. You got Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series so yeah, it's been done for a while. But thanks to a certain Ms. Lara Croft, the industry gained a little more ground in a fully polygonal video game babe. A lot of other wannabe videogame babes popped out here and there over the next few years, but none were as memorable or had an impact as these examples... Now, its 2007, and hell, seems almost every game's got a super hot babe gracing the box art cover, or trying to flirt with the video game protagonist, or whatever!

Quantum leaps in processing power and rendering technology has helped fuel this trend to push these virtual vixens out. Now women in gaming don't just look like sexy mannequins, now they're even more life-like, sexy mannequins. And now we have a nice, healthy demand from teenage boys and young adults wanting more of this stuff. Whooooa!

Anyway, you might think, the Japanese have been doing this with their videogame characters, but I say the Japanese are irrelevant because they've always been a very... "sexual" society. (As evidenced by their anime and manga alone). I guess it comes with the growing age of most gamers - and society's increasingly liberal attitudes towards this smut (That sounded weird)

So what's the point of this post? Well, basically to ogle at this trend the entire entertainment industry is going through. Sex has always been a big seller of media, and now it has completely invaded my beloved format. Yay! Which then makes me think of the applying it to my own project! You know what that means... Crap.

To round out this really, really weird post (minus all the other weirdness in my other posts), maybe you should watch this old list of video game vixens, and this other video intro for an old Xbox360 game that I have never played, but have admired from the distanced for quite some time. Yeah. Maybe you should do that. What do you think, Void? You wanna give feedback or something? Should I go back to talking about Robotech?

*PLEASE NOTE* Playboy don't like their crap being uploaded on Photobucket. Woohoo!

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