Since I can't read Japanese, and all I can find are toy-related articles, it seems there's really only so much one can say about the notorious Shunya Yamashita.

Like some of my favorite Heavy Metal artists, all he seems to draw is sexy nymphs.

Sure, he'll draw the occasional big, badass dude, or as you can see above, the nymph with a big gun/hairdryer thing, but that's all part of Mr. Yamashita's appeal.

Would it matter if I spouted stuff from the guy's Wikipedia article? Would you care if I said he worked as a character designer for various Japanese videogames, eventually landing (quite comfortably) on toy design?

Maybe. I suppose it would. I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, but I guess Mr. Yamashita's just one of those guy's portfolio you just wanna' ogle at and not think about anything else.

Like what makes him popular? Why the anatomy seems very idealized? Or why his annoyingly pricey figures keep disappearing from shelves a day after their release?

Nah. You don't need to ask those questions anymore. All you need to to do is observe what people keep twittering or posting about Mr. Yamashita's latest high-priced toys and you'll get it. Your subconscious will just accept why this guy deserves the success he's having.

If this post read like another one of those poorly researched, train-of-though bullcrap that doesn't make a bit of sense, I truly apologize.
His work can be a little distracting you know? I'll try to make it up to you. There's this one decent write-up for Mr. Yamashita's 2008 artbook "Wildflower".

Eh? How does that sound? Good right? Great.

Finally, you might come across this conservative looking illustration below, with a heading called "rick-o-sound". I'm not sure why Japanese likes naming things like this, but it seems its his personal toyline.

Have a nice day! Hope you enjoyed my little treat!!


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