Ralph Bakshi... Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

I was introduced to Bakshi's work when I saw the 1978 animated version of
Lord of the Rings animation on VHS. All that rotoscoped animation (see: animation that is literally traced from live action movement) was a pretty cool gimmick, but it sort of wore thin. Since then I haven't paid much attention to the guy until recently.

Fire and Ice, a movie which where Ralph Bakshi collaborated with fantasy-art master Frank Frazetta

On a whim, I decided to check the Bakshi since I was getting tired of hearing folks reference his infamous 1972 animated feature 'Fritz the Cat'. I haven't seen Fritz yet, but I've seen some of his shorts, such as the 1981 animated short 'American Pop'. Try it, it's pretty interesting.

Youtube describes American Pop as "The story of four generations of a Russian Jewish family of musicians parallels the history of American popular music in the 20th century."

One video that really got me riled up was this passionate rant by Bakshi to the artists of 'this' generation. Meaning
US - the young, impressionable artists who possess all these fantastic tools at our disposal. Go out there and do something!

It doesn't matter what you're into - whether it's traditional, flash, or #D animation, digital art, game design, whatever. Ralph Bakshi tells it like it is. Get out there and get creative!!

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