At the time of this writing, 854,811 souls has clicked and seen the future in Franz Steiner's online portfolio.
What is so alluring about this
"certified" digital artist from Germany? Well, lets see shall we...

What the... what the heck is this? Why is that super hot model dating that creepy plastic dude? Hold on just a second here! I know Apes are going to rule the future, but what is this future German digital/3D artist is trying to convey?? That smart, independent and (very) beautiful women in the future would spend millions of dollars/Euros on these things and use them...

Huh. Who would'a thought? These German designers are an enterprising lot, aren't they? Anyway... Franz Steiner. Art director of
Blutsbrueder-Design, a design company that creates a lot of funky concepts for fashion mags, ad agencies, you know the drill. To tell you the truth, they've got a pretty impressive client list!

I sometimes wonder why the future seems to look and feel like this, when the reality is that most urban cities more closely resemble the visual styling of Los Angeles in Blade Runner. Yikes.

This ultra-clean, organic looking design is already a well established concept, but for the light of me, I'm not sure where it started. Was it from the
Jetsons? Did the Tom Cruise thriller Minority Report start this visual trend, complete with "future cliches" like digital roll-over paper, and computers that require you to stand up while waving your arms around like some raving loon? (And I thought the Nintendo Wii made me look funny)

But hey, I can't complain. So while some of these images depict a future which might seem a tad cliche now, I still love the twisted sense of humor going on in some of these shots.

Franz Steiner himself describe these images as a depiction of life with personal robot assistants. They're made to do day-to-day business, as well as "entertaining" women.

Entertainment, eh?
If its a metaphor, or an irony about society or something, I don't wanna know. I guess I've rambled enough though.

Franz Steiner, thank you for these delightful images. I hope to see more of your work released to the public in your portfolio! I apologize if my post is not very in-depth about your work, or your company's work, but I was a little lazy to do some actual research. Now, how shall I end this post...

Oh my! Dear God No!

Ever heard of Avi Granov? The talented Marvel artist and self-styled conceptual artist for the Iron Man suit for the 2008 box-office smash hit?

Okay, fine. Do you like Iron Man? The comic? The character? The mythos surrounding the character?

Alright. Did the movie at least make you appreciate Iron Man more? Made you go out of your way to learn more about the guy behind the mask?

Come on! I assume you sorta liked the film for what it was. So did it make you go out and grab an Iron Man comic/trade paperback, watch the cartoons, or something? At least check the freakin' Wikipedia entry...??

The suit. You at least liked the suit, right? Oh, nevermind. I don't think I'll be able to convince you. You can at least check out the artist Adi Granov's portfolio (image link below).


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