The FWA Favourite Website Awards

“The new frontier of web art. When websites are awarded by they are seen as the best examples in the World. They are recognized as the richest sites for web innovation.”

GQ Magazine, Italy

According to Wikipedia, "The Favourite Website Awards (FWA) is an industry recognised website awards program, established in England in
2000, showcasing websites who use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations.

In September 2000 FWA was rated as one of the World's Top Awards, one of the elite awards and is now recognised across the new media industry as one of the top accolades available for websites. FWA is widely recognised as the number 1 achievement for innovative web design through the Site Of The Year award."

What does fantastic web design have anything to do with most of the stuff discussed in this crazy blog? Beats me. But looking at the entries reminds me of those crazy, hyper-charged media events that I never get to attend.

If you think these Graphic Design wonders have no place in the Concept Den, it doesn't really matter to me because you, my dear Void, never care to comment about anything on this place anyway. And besides, how do you think think fantastic, slow-as-molasses to load Flash and Shockwave websites were designed? They don't go on trees, I'll tell you that.

Prepare to see my favorite picks from the FWA. I love these sites for their flashy 3D gimmicks, wacky, outlandish concepts, and pumping beats.

Lets begin with this old N-Gage site, which I find to be the weirdest thing I've seen since the indie flick Science of Sleep. Check it out. Hope you like Pong! (Click the image for the link)

This is a fun "choose your adventure" style website that I unfortunately haven't finished because me internet is so damn slow. Hope you make it to the end! Mwahahhha!

Flash portfolio-based website of a design company. It's one of those quirky ones that I really like. Yes, you play the clueless suit.

Animal Logic, a design studio's portfolio, whose clients include Hollywood flicks, as well as a bunch of other cool little art stuff. It's clean, its slick.

I LOVE THIS SITE! I don't know why. FWA describes it as an "interactive event was held by Vidal Sassoon, to capture the moment users experienced the product’s Liquid Diamond effect that makes you shine 360."

Not sure what this site's about. Something about Innovation, communication in the digital age from what I can see.

A weirdly beautiful French video, if that's your sort of thing.

SasoKos Photograph, a wonderful site showcasing some nifty looking photographs. You might like it.

This site was slow as hell on my computer, but I think the design is pretty... uh... sexy. A lot of their clients are videogame companies, which is weird seeing it on a site that reminds me of "gentlemen's magazines".

Weird anime fantasy game, done in Saizen Media's distinct web style. See more on their portfolio site, which includes clients like Sony's Everquest.

Never in a million years did I expect a website for a condo to look so classy. What do you expect though? It's in Las Vegas.

Metropolis: Out of Communication - who doesn't like Fritz Lang's Metropolis? If you don't, then I can't do anything to change your mind in this confusing little website.

Color Mixer web thingy, which just looks nice.

Lime Green Website. Looks French. My comments don't make sense.

TOPVALU. Suits are as cool (and stain-resistant) as ever. Lots of 'cute' little gimmicks. It's Japanese?

Full Metal Alchemist's Australians URLed site. This is how anime promo sites should be made.

Ghost in the Shell's Australian site is also another excellent website, equal parts style and content.

Another excellent media portfolio website that created the excellent Sasakos photography site on this post.

Anteprima, an overdone, but still real pretty fashion site. :P

Finally, try this.
Stella Artois - Le Courage. An alcoholic beverage. Now I've seen everything!

Enjoy these selections, and I'll feature some more designs in the future. Tell me what you think.


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