Title: The blues singer leaves town
Name: Luis Melo
Country: Portugal
Software: Photoshop

If there is one thing I can't stand, its seeing art that evokes such depth and emotion, it makes me sick-- no wait, it makes me glad. And here is one artist that does it quite well. I'll make this a new regular thing in my blog, just a post where I can admire all the little nuances of a particular unknown artist's work. Not much is known from this Melo fellow, but as you can see, his art is simply vibrant and teeming with character.

The artist described this piece:

"A little tribute to the memories from an old anime series i used to love - Tom Sawyer. Although my picture doesn't refer to the same time. It's also a celebration of music and summer."

What's made me so interested in this piece is the colors. It's almost like from a Hayao Miyazaki flick or something. And the overall pleasantness of it is actually a refreshing change from all the grim and dark fantasy/dark fantasy/ science fiction pieces I see all over the net.

Every area is so lovingly detailed... I hope the artist pursues more subjects such as this. Oh, before I forget, he also did a piece this other piece on August 2007, called Like Summer.

In his own words:

"Trying to go back to an animation style. I was looking for a feeling of carelessness, and of going to meet nature, when everything tries to force you to stay home."

From this piece alone, taking a closer look at the fine details of Mr. Melo's works, they can almost tell you a story. They're beautiful that way, especially with his current cartoon style.

I need not tell you that this trip through the rain isn't going to end well for these two punks. Hey, how about some feedback or comments, eh?


  1. Luís Says:
  2. Hey!
    Thanks for featuring and commenting my work. I'm really happy it caused you that impression.
    Just one comment. I don't really mind this, and I know what you mean. But although my name is unknown, i'm working professionally, and i'm living from illustration, so i think it would be perhaps more accurate to replace "amateur" by "unknown", for this feature?
    Thank you again, and intersting blog you have here! :b:


  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. Oh my! Hi Luis, I'm real inspired by your work. I hope you would do more personal art such as this, they're really great, and as I said in this post, a real breath of fresh air. I like your suggestion, sorry about that. thank you!

    BTW, how did you get to know this blog..?

  5. Luís Says:
  6. Hey! Thanks for the nice words! :)
    I'm incredibly busy at the moment, but I hope to do some more personal work in a few weeks, or I'll go crazy!

    I found your blog by accident. I'm currently working in something warhammer-related, and I searched for my name + warhammer to see if it was announced anywhere, and I got to your blog, which also features warhammer stuff.

  7. ChrisK Says:
  8. You're very welcome Luis. I'm hoping too! Hey, can ya tell me where this Warhammer project of yours is located?? I'd very much like to know cuz' I'm a big fan of the designs...

  9. Luís Says:
  10. Well, I can't really talk about it at the moment, but it's something very official and coming not too far into the future, so I'll let you know when i'm allowed to. Bookmarked your blog!

  11. ChrisK Says:
  12. Thank you, and I'll be checking your CG Society profile as well! Just give me a message or something on the latest scoop on your projects? I'm really interested on seeing your talents being applied in a cool sci-fi universe!

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