There's something about Dave Seeley's science fiction art...

It's like looking at a modern update of a classic serial poster or something. It either has something to do with the use of a lot of great photo-referencing in Photoshop, or I'm just weird. In any case, I will admit I've been a great admirer of this artist's work for quite some time now, because it looks so darn
purty. Plus, he does science fiction art for Tor and other well-known publishers. That's always a great bonus.

The funny thing is, you might've already seen his stuff - on bookshelves. That's right, he's the guy who's been made numerous contributions to the Starwars publishing machine. No wonder the Starwars covers started looking prettier these past few months! If you need a guy who can churn out stuff that look like stills from the film, Dave's your artist!

"I'm far more influenced by modern day sci-fi noir that by illustration in the industry today" he says. Some of Mr. Seeley's greatest influences have been artists like Dave McKean, John Muth, Kent Williams and George Pratt. Of course, he also admires the works of Caravaggio, Egon Shiele, Robert Graham, and many more personalities I can't care enough about at the moment. Maybe in the future.

But you know, it ain't this guy's Starwars works that interests me. No, its for this series called "Elizabeth Moon" that's got me all worked up. The cover art is just gorgeously rendered, and I said earlier, many of Mr. Seeley's techniques involve digital photo manipulation and referencing, which adds so much depth and realism to his work. The guy also specializes in traditional tools such as oils. 

Damn, this guy is good.

Many of these images are also found in various digital art books such as the "Spectrum 10" and "Painter". His work is definitely an inspiration. What do you think?


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  2. What is copyright status of your work?

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Hi ChrisK,
    Thanks for the good words!... I have a question for you if you'd send an email...



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