Why are you so cruel, Void? Why can't you offer any words of encouragement, or feedback or anything? Well, I'll be waiting, dear Void. Sooner or later, your heart will soften, and you will see that yes, I will... no, I must give good constructive feedback! For I am here, sticking it out, reading this fool's words. I am here to see this idiot make a spectacle of himself, as he has done so in the past!

But for now, let us all gaze at the beauty that digital art age has offered us. This ugliness, the raw evil of the real world - as well as this virtual world, has made the likes of me... somewhat tired, somewhat... disenfranchised. Mine eyes long for the sight of this calming beauty of art and grace - to forget for a moment that, you, don't care, Void. I present, the awardees of the CG Choice Awards.

May you enjoy it, and in turn, make your own art. Why? You didn't think this damn blog was catering to the handful of Robotech fans/friends I've made in the past? What are ya, crazy?? I mean, this blog is like, for anyone who likes to hear fools like me ramble about... well, art! And all that junk in between. And now I ramble. On with the art! Calming beauty... Calming beau...

This piece is called "Empire Total War: Grenadier" by Michael Kutschie -

"GameStar cover-artwork for the SEGA/ Creative Assembly game "Empire: Total War". Completely done in Photoshop and Painter. I got some reference for the costume by CA's art department. Used myself as a reference for the pose and face (I did some poses with a hoovertube :)"

A bold piece, with a very classic pose, and the cool colors add so much to the overall atmosphere. The strong silhouettes of the infantry help give a nice tense atmosphere. You just have to say, aaaaah. Oh, and that guy's face is super detailed. I forgot to check if this guy merged CG work with Photoshop. Maybe he did - then that's cheating! Hah! No, just kidding. Crap, I feel like I took too much coffee now.

"Umbrella Sky" by Marta Dahlig

"Well, that's a quite old piece originally done for ImagineFX Issue 22. It can also be seen in the upcoming Exotique 3. :) This version, however is quite different, as I came back to the painting after a longer while and reworked it a LOT. Overall, it took many hours in Painter and Photoshop. I also used some references (especially for the fish and the sea)."

Now If only I can paint like that! While talking about it won't improve my skill, I like to whine, so there! This is a blog remember? A place where I can put in my innermost thoughts and desires... Okay, shutting up.

"Outpost" by Marcin Jakubowski

"hello, I'd like to present my attempt in the sci-fi environment field. I wanted it look like a cover illustration for some classic s-f book. Strong colours are intended. One of the forum mates called it "a big sewing machine" :) Photoshop and about 12 hours of work."

Whatever this man's inspiration, is - this piece is certainly... inspired! Brilliantly warm use of colors, with great composition as well to tie the image together.

"Oiran" by Srisuan Skan

"OIRAN" was created for S magazine japan in oiran theme issue, Oiran is high class prostitude in EDO that wearing a georgeos clothes. This piece was done photoshop 7 and ball mouse as I used to do for long.... this piece make me think of further progress for my works and make me decide to use wacom. welcome for any comments and notice, thank you."

This piece was created by an artist based on Thailand. Wow. I don't live anywhere near the States, so like... cool. The girl's face isn't the focal point of this picture, which I find odd - it is a bit of a mess but whatever - if I ever had a technique like that...

This, you damn Void, is "Iron Grip: The Invasion"

"Here's a piece I did for the Iron Grip project by Isotx.

The scene takes place in a baroque/industrial like world yet with with powerful "next gen(?)": ) ww2-inspired machinery. Props goes out to Keith Thompson who did the airship-design. He's been doing some great concept work so it wasnt a problem working after this design at all. But I wouldnt mind doing my own take on this myself. As refreshing it might be doing all sorts of freelance projects, sometimes I wish I could spend more time with certain projects following them from beginning to end.
Hope you like!"

Oh, I like floating subs! Sort of reminds me of a show called "The Southern Cross"! Hell yeah! A unique and refreshing take, especially for this particular era, which is kind of languishing or something...

"Waterfall City" by Luis Melo

"A sudden idea, which resulted in a combination of references. Some slummy architecture on a cloudy day in a dream place. Took a long time, considering my attention span capacity :\ hehe"

Oh, I love Photoshop/Painter pieces about cities that make me feel like the insignificant insect that I am. Beautiful, I feel so small right now, and you Void. Oh, why do you do this to me?

Ominous Winds by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

"Heyho, I haven't been active on CGtalk for quite a while so I reckoned it was time to change that! :) This was started back in autumn last year, hence the theme of the image.

I had been practising 3D modelling in the hiding, so this is one of my first combinations of 3D modelling and painting. The tank was modelled in Wings3D which is a very powerful but free tool! All the rest and overpainting was done in Photoshop. I like the pilot... :)

- around 15-20 hours maybe, no reference"

You hear that? A true German-based artist! No visual reference to help him out in perspective or texturing of this piece! I wonder... can I achieve that? Huh, can I?

"The Plane Idol" by Arnaud Caubel

"Hi! This one comes from my WIP called "An Improbable Travel". I had fun with the jungle 'trip'... I hope you 'll like it! Pencil sketch, Psd, approx 7 hours.."

This is what you get if you spend your whole life just making art. While you wither away, something beautiful or grand appears on screen or on canvas. That is the beauty of art - And I have no idea what made me think of it that way.

"Poet's Square" by Sergey Skachkov

"This piece is my new image from "Utopias" series. It is my free interpretation of one of Moscow's squares. All legends on the buildings are composition names of the poet-futurist who has poetized at the beginning of the twentieth century. I created the image in Photoshop CS with custom brushes."

His interpretation? This beautifully made piece of s**t? How I envy you! Your warm use of colors, your grand use of perspective, its all come together, so well - and this - this is it. I have no idea what the f**k am I saying. Is nothing sacred? Can art heal the labored mind? Can it calm frazzled nerves?

So okay, that's just a small set - of art that I found most striking around the net. I ask you again, Void. I asks you'z nicely now - do you want more posts like this? Do you want anything from me? ANYTHING?! Huh?!? Answer me!
(StudioMMG apologizes over this tirade, but I blame the Void anyway for this blogger's condition)

Thank you, and have a good day. Oh, and here's the old Final Fantasy XII intro. I don't play PS games so I place it here because it's pretty. So there!


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  2. Hey, this is a great blog. More Please!!!

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  4. Always glad to be of service. The world needs more visual stimulation!!

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