"Hey medmapguy, just what the hell were you thinking? What is this Classicism crap? This isn't going to be grade-school level art discussion, will it?! Just... what part of 'modern visual culture' involves the works of the masters from a bygone era!?"

Everything! The works of the masters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Carravagio, Goya, and many more are what inspired a generation of concept artists working in the creative industry today!
your sarcasm, I know you can easily search this stuff in a gazillion other websites, but I honestly learn more by typing my actual learnings on this blog, get it?

Its food for thought, people. I honestly can't tell what's baroque to a High Renaissance to a Post-Impressionism. I certainly don't plan to cover all these periods - just the very basics of those that I keep hearing about.

A classic look? What the f**k is that supposed to mean?
All I know is the Dark Ages gave birth to the Renaissance!

Renaissance, the most fertile of all artistic eras. The time when Italy emerged as cultural leader of Europe. It was the creative hub / cultural leader in all of Europe. This era lasted from the 15th and 16th century, and introduced the world to classicism and naturalism.

Sandro Boticelli, the guy who painted that Birth of Venus pic.
"The Mystical Nativity"

This was a time where there was a great upsurge of energy and belief in the human potential. Unlike the last period which sorta sucked. Renaissance art celebrated humanity and the visible world, abandoning the more spiritual approach of the Middle Ages.

A lot of Middle Age art looked like this. And featured the same cast. Cool.

Sandro Boticelli, La historia de Nastagio degli Onesti

The Rebirth of Antiquity became a new standard. Classical subjects and styles were adopted. A "rediscovery" of ancient techniques in architecture, building and sculpture developed the overall aesthetic. What the hell does that mean..?

Classicism is the art movement founded on aesthetic attitudes based on the art, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. (Painting above by Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506, I think!)

The Medicis, the big bosses of Italy composed of merchants and bankers, were patrons of the arts. They commissioned and required painters who could paint detailed and decorative work in brilliant colors. Sandro Boticelli (1445-1510), whose art can be seen here, is distinct in its firm outline, rich colors, and distinctive figures.

The Adoration of the Magi by Boticelli, featured the Medicis, with their swaggering self absorbed poses, making curious contrast with the tenderly depicted figures of the Madonna and Child. Nice. Can you see those bastards?

Another Sandro Boticelli classic. Nice coloring. Really tight. He's better than me... (Shut up)

This is a battle scene depicted supposedly by Piero della Francesca.

A lot of artists like Piero della Francesca, employed perspective with mathematical precision. Most unlike my crap, where I just use a ruler and pray the damn thing looks decent.

What came after this whole Renaissance bit was something even cooler. High Renaissance! This ones the winner, producing such artists as Michaelangelo, Raphael, and that geezer Leonardo Da Vinci. I think I'll delve into this in the near future since I feel I may boring the Void™ to death. Thanks to my good ol' World Book collection, and "Tree of Knowledge" binder encyclopedia. I finally found a use for that rotting thing!

At least I know now where to find more inspiration! Though it still doesn't give me the right to say crap when I visit real life art galleries.


Medmapguy: This painting seems to have elements of the Classicism era, although I still feel it evok--

Art Gallery Guide: Hey, who are you?

Medmapguy: M-my name is Chr--

Art Gallery Guide: Guard, get this vagrant out of the premises this instant.

But that won't happen. Anyway - since the Renaissance era doesn't have any cool videos, why not watch this animation brought to you by the awesome tool known as "Toon Boom". The film is by MathChoq, an animation student with an interesting... creative mind.


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