CGSociety features some of the most amazing looking digital art on the planet. Here's a few of the more recent pieces that were featured by that site. Some food for creative thought and all that. Time to get crackin' withmy own art, damnit!

Title: Umbrella on Balcony
Name: Erwin Madrid
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everyone!

This is something that I saw when I was walking around the streets of Salzburg last year while on vacation. I thought that it would make a cool painting. I changed a lot of things like redesigning the buildings and adding the hanging clothes. In the end I also flipped the image to make it a better composition.

To View a closeup of the lady, visit my blog.
I tried adding a direct link but it wouldn't let me because the link has to many repeating letters therefore the Manage Gallery told me to many repeating characters:(

Title: The Treehouse
Name: JIm Maxwell
Country: Canada

This is a memory from my childhood of an actual massive treehouse that still partially exists today

Mainly painted in photoshop with geometry and some perspective worked out in Maya, the wagon and tree both had some geometry produced in 3d, and then I painted over them with details

Title: The Greenwood Deep
Name: Phil McDarby
Country: Ireland
Software: Photoshop

Hey everyone,

This is a kind of follow-up to an image I did called 'Magic'.
This kid has wandered even deeper into the forest, and chanced upon The Greenwood Deep, the heart of the wood. I wanted to create a river of power, the forest's golden blood, surrounded by faery dwellings, all in the shadow of the ancient tree.

I took a long time on this one, three weeks at least - again a combination of many many hours of painting and photo texturing/manipulation. Any photos I used in the process are all mine, bar the little girl, who originated here -

You can view my original plate here -

- a photo I took in a wood called Ravensdale. I just loved the atmosphere and colour.

Anyway, hope everyone's well, thanks for looking and take care.

Title: Blowout at Exit 16A
Name: Till Nowak
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This image was created for the CARNIVORA art show and book by Les Barany. It's based on a 3D rendering of a future city, but I spent two weeks in Photoshop to replace almost every pixel of the 3D rendering with 2D elements taken from photos, so I decided to put it in the 2D section. Here you can download a making-of-PDF: THE LINK. The art show will premiere in Detroits cPop-Gallery on January 12. The book will be released in spring 2008. (Missed that -ed)

Title: Fallen Beauty
Name: David Edwards
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Back in May a few fellow painters took part in a small contest, I been the only one who couldn't enter :) decided to have a go all the same. I worked on it for a week or so then lost the original file, restarted and picked it up again over the weekend. To be honest losing the original file was a blessing in disguise, redoing the whole thing probably resulted in a more pleasing result. Always see the good in bad i guess :)

My thoughts:
You haven't made it as a digital artist if you haven't been featured in these major arts sites! I've still got a long, winding road ahead me of me...


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