With the bulk of gamers still reeling from the marketing beast of the Halo franchise, I find myself wondering if there will still be a market for the whole "genetically-modified supersoldier" thing - whether it be for that one guy people call Master Chief, or a whole platoon of em' like Gears of War. Who cares what the frickin' market thinks. The "genetically-modified supersoldier" genre will never get old.

If you wanted to hear me yak about these steroid-pumped
prima donnas, you should check out the rest of this blog. Today, however, I'm going to make this post, about game intros. Yes, you heard me right, Void. I will yak about the coolest science-fiction game intros I have seen in my life.

Some of these videos I will show have made quite an impact on my creative direction now. Some of these games may be bad, while others are classics and I want to share

First up,
Homeworld. The first Homeworld.

It's really one of the coolest intros ever, in my opinion, and yet it almost has no whiz-bang action whatsoever. It's the kind of prologue that really immerses you in its 'home-made' universe (no fancy commercial sci-fi license here!) The visual style is clearly inspired by anime, using the whole "Moving Picture Style" with a bunch of 3D elements thrown in for good measure.

Homeworld sequel continues that tradition with an even deeper and more epic universe. I know, the whole series isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy a good ol' science fiction yarn mixed with religious undertones / mysticism then this series is definitely a treat. And that mothership. Sheer beauty.


This is a more traditional science fiction story, with many ideas mixed from various science fiction scribes. It's still a good watch, because the developer of this game is none other than Chris Roberts, the guy behind those Wing Commander games - and that atrocious movie. So be my guess if you like your sci-fi chock-full of aliens, galaxies blowing up, and all that hooey.

Now, the
Killzone series (one that I have admired for a while...)

Remember my post on the whole CAPO thing, and Helghast stuff? (I can't find it in my own blog, weird...) How I found the idea of incorporating the evil Nazi behavior and design with science fiction sensibilities intriguing? Yeah, here I go again, totally enthralled by this series - which now, more than ever, is blatantly ripping-off World War II on a universal scale. You may not agree these are like, the best sci-fi intros and all that, but I don't care because you won't tell me what you think is a good sci-fi intro anyway, huh, Void? I thought so.

Enjoy these two cutscenes - I've already shown you the trailers earlier in this blog, weren't those nice as well?

Liberation - sort of a typical army/shogo watching over his precious army slaughter millions in his name (another wonderful idea taken by this developer) and its also a goodie, isn't it?

Look forward for more of my "game intro specials" like this in the future! C'mon! They're fun, aren't they? (Do not respond to this rhetorical question, but I suggest you give feedback or constructive ideas, Void)


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