How could you? How could you, Void?! I take you in, I treat you like family, and this... this is how you repay me?! By... by treating me like a lampost?! A dead stump?! A discarded tissue paper with your leavings?!

Anyway, I've been feeling weird lately - partly because I haven't entered anything in Justy Ueki's Robotech Photo Contest (my fault) and because Robot: The Digital Manga just looks so f**king beautiful.

Yes! I know, you damn Void, its another post where I put up a series of really beautiful screenshots! So what?! I like to surround myself with purty looking things! And
everytime I go to a comic shop or a high-end bookstore, I see this Robot manga thing, and its priced at 3,000.00 Philippine pesos! Yes! That's far too much! It's murder! Not with the money I'm earning now!

I don't care if it's in Japanse! I'll make the story line up! You see that panel up there? It's about a girl and a guy about to indulge in some S&M!

Gosh. So okay, what the hell is robot manga anyway? Here's Wikipedia again! To solve all my problems.

robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists. The series was created by Range Murata as a way for upcoming artists to get their work published. Volume 1 was released on the October 21, 2004. The series is currently at 8 volumes.

Digital Manga Publishing is responsible for the North American release. The first volume was released August 6th, 2005. Due to recent developments in talks over publishing negotiations breaking down, DMP will not be publishing any future volumes past volume three. Rights to publish at least Volume 4 have been picked up by Udon Entertainment according to preorder info.No wonder its overpriced. I might as well buy that highly acclaimed book by Ashley Wood.

"Stunning, dark, exhilarating and disturbing, Murata's collection of contemporary Japanese comic art gives an inside view of the explosive work happening there today."

~ Publishers Weekly

Do I dare believe the hype? Moving on, I also want to ogle at the impossibly, insanely, whatever-adjective-you-can-think-of art by Imperial Boy. An artist whose amazing use of perspective should be admired by all. I don't care why, it should happen.

C'mon, this piece is just oozing with atmosphere, brilliant color palette and unique composition. All the essential elements in digital art today.

Beautiful, eh? Well, shut it. Gaddamnit. I knew I shoulda named this blog 'The Angry Artist'. Oh well. To close out this post, and to open the gates for a full-scale invasion of manhwa and all that other Korean art stuff, I present to you the amazingly disturbing, funny and brilliantly animated Achi-wa Ssipak. A Korean film that kicks Robotech: Shadow Chronicles nuts. Hard. (If you have a thing for
that Robotech movie, erm... well, tough luck - I didn't like it)


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I think his art is amazing. *_*
    I simply love.. So much so, that it breaks my heart a bit to know that I'll never live in such beautiful places.

  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. You've just inspired me to do another 'gallery-style' post of Imperial Boy's art. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. It's very sad they don't have Robot in the anime version...manga is good but it would be even better in anime...

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. That animation looks crazy-sweet! Reminded me a bit about FLCL, only madder and faster. Also the Robot artwork looks brilliant.

    Cool blog dude, keep it up :)

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