I love Geco Hirasawa's work! Why, you may ask? Because it's chock full of eye candy. So much eye candy in fact, that it makes my eyes bleed. And for once, that's a good thing!!

Here's what I know about Geco Hirasawa: She's known as "Hira Geco" in deviantART, and is said to be living in Tokyo, Japan.

According to her recent journal post, she draws her linework in pencil and colors the whole thing in Adobe Photoshop. The whole process takes about two to three days, depending on her mood...

Vocaloid in Space.

Some of her major influences include photgraphers Robert Capa Van Der Elsken (could explain the fascination with perspective?). She apparently doesn't have a favorite artist (besides the obvious Tezuka and Miyazaki) and takes inspiration more from real life (TM), various photography books, and the like.

She's been honing her skill for the past five years, and dreams of becoming a professional illustrator. Unfortunately, she laments that her style doesn't suit the Japanese market that well.

What is the word the Japanese commonly use for times like these? Ah... Ganbare, Hira Geco!!

To see more of Hira Geco's work, check out here deviantART profile! If you like her stuff, then by all means support her!


  1. Fox O'Rian Says:
  2. Oh, nice. We just got Hira in as a moderator for my new group on DA, "artitechs."

    It's great having her work intermingle with mine!

  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. Awesome. Art-mash up!! I'll be watching that.

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