In the highly saturated world of art-blogging, anything and everything you talk about will have most likely been glossed over by another, more popular blog. But that's not stopping somebody like me now, is it?

Still, it makes you wonder why so many schmucks like us do this sort of thing. I guess we just like pretty pictures...

The guy who illustrated for Polar Express is somewhere there...

For today, lets I'd like to point out to you a very interesting link from an art site - a link which leads you to about a hundred other links. It's called "75 Artists You Must Know, and Where to Find Them". Intrigued? You should be.

You'll find artists like Adam Rex, popular for his work on Magic: The Gathering.

Or perhaps the amzing works from this Greg Spalenka chap. The fellow has really covered a very broad spectrum of subjects, all done in that weird aged art style.

And voila. You'll also find stuff about Dean McKean, the man that practically invented the look of Neil Gaiman. I'm could be wrong about that, but I assume there's another more well-researched blog out there who talked about this stuff anyway.

What are you waiting for?? Check the link out, and try to at least get inspired by one of these guys. Come


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