Do you like animation? Do you dream of making your own animated short or showreel, that could rival professional studios? Then you've gotta hit the books. Or  you could enroll at Les Gobelin...

This particular French "visual communication" school caught my eye after I featured one of their amazing alumni turned world-renowned concept artist in another post. Here's a sampler of what students are churning out at the academy. This is an opener to some festival several years ago:

You can check out their website at  If you don't speak French, then maybe this promotional video can help you out:

It features good ol' Eric Riewer (who?) describing the school's various program and the selection process for new students, as well as what makes a good student film. Fascinating stuff, and it could help if you really do plan to enroll!

With that out of the way, lets watch some student shorts! Now I know the very mention of the word 'students short' might suggest weird, highly experimental, and amateurish pieces, but I assure you... their work is amazing. If you've seen some of the embedded films in my last post about that alumni-turned-concept-artist feerik, then you might know what to expect.

The first entry is a simple film called "Sébastien". A story about paper airplanes, and some deeper message about doing what you love.

Next, is Fenrir. Presented in the International Festival of the Film d' Animation (FIFA) d' Annecy 2009. By Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Usama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonné, Aymeric Kevin, Ulysses Malassagne. It's about this a Fenrir that is awakened by the rays of the sun. The fenrir climbs this ancient tree Yggdrasil to attack the sun and some kid stops it. Or something like that.

Next is a film by Lucrèce Andreae, Julien Chheng, Tracy Nowocien, Rémy Schaepman, students of the formation Design and realization of films d' animation (2nd year) called Dodudindon. Something about letting loose.

And here is a favorite by some 2nd year students called Monstera Deliciosa. A film that celebrated the year 2009 through references to l'Allemagne or through "dance". Someone help me out here.

And now for something different. Jelly Sunday, which features little Gretchen her new friend “Jelly”.

Well. When are you going to send your application!?!?


  1. Toby Lewin Says:
  2. The work their students churn out is amazing! I wish there were more schools like this

  3. ChrisK Says:
  4. I'm as surprised as you are at the output of these students. Hope they inspired you as much as they did me!

  5. oui Says:
  6. Let's face it. France is a sad country where these so called great students if they wanna have a chance to make their own films as u say...have to go to the USSA where they end up working for Pixar or Walt Bismey. The actual creative talent is less so interesting than what was coming out of ha school say in 1977.

  7. oui Says:
  8. 1988 was a year where it all turned around. The school took on very young guys whose culture was abysmally different from the guys in the previous years. The bestest would go to England where they didn't make a great deal of dosh due to general state of Englandu where u get ripped off paying tons towards transports and rent. Those cnuts then went on to USSA where most of them was brainwashed into doing Disney type of crap. There they made money. Where they are now I don't truth, I don't care. If you want your brain crushed go to GOBELINS. The filthy yanks got their hands on that. G I joe has won the war!

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