Not much to say about good ol' Vasili Zorin. I'll have to wait for a more enterprising blogger or art publication to conduct a proper interview, and then maybe I'll rip off the stuff from there and post it here. So anyways, Mr. Vasili is 23 years old (wow!), and is currently living and studying in St. Petersburg.


I gotta write something, lest this blog turn out to be a glorified art tumblr page. From what little I could gather (since I can't read Russian), Mr. Vasili likes art, and loves to paint and... draw. What a revelation!

He hopes to get some of his original work published after he graduates. For now, you'll have to settle to Image's Popgun art anthology.



His current series is entitled "Kink Radio", and can be found here. This lovely lil' strip is set in "Lime City, the only town in the US with overall Lime consumption so high that its residents never smile". Yeah!

His work sports that wonderful, always-in-vogue, retro-inspired look. Just about all the artists I like seems to have dabbled in this style one way or another...

You can see a lot more of Mr. Vasili's wonderful work at HonkFu! Just no hotlinking, please.


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