Stress is the mind-killer. Stress is the mind-killer. It’s getting increasingly difficult to manage Real Life and Internet Life. I guess that’s one of the few things that I to learn as I go along the way. I must use the tricks the Reverend Mother taught me. Just kidding. Obscure geek-Dune reference. Maybe I’ll have to try some of that Deepak Chopra crap or something. Or some weird breathing techniques.

In any case, If that New Age crap doesn’t work for you, then I recommend you read the list on the top ten words artistic advice. I provide my own brief view on each. (This list was compiled from

Grab your balls and be a man about it!

My thoughts:
Does this statement mean to take constructive criticism without considering it a personal attack? If yes, then I agree. It’s really the only way to improve in any aspect of life. Suger-coating the truth is fine, to a point. You do not want to sound too harsh and judgmental, or your ‘constructive criticism’ would just be criticism and the intended effect would be lost. You don’t wanna sound preachy either.

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.

My thoughts:
Yeah, I know there are about a million more academic interpretations for this statement, but this isn’t one of em’. I’m just a nobody who prances around the internet saying ‘That’s cool!’

So anyway Void, this is how I like, interpret this statement… Ever get the feeling when you draw a sexy female, and then when you’re like done, you stare at it and then you feel like you’ve seen this broad before, and then you look in the mirror and exclaim, ‘Holy f**k! I pulled a Da Vinci!’ Okay, so maybe it don’t really happen like that, but c’mon, everybody leaves some kind of personal imprint or impression on the art they do. Even I see it in my ‘worthless’ fan art.

There’s nothing more daunting than a blank canvas. Fill it in quickly. Worry about the detail later.

My thoughts:
Do this, Void, at the same time keeping in mind the fundamentals of art. There are times when its just fun to doodle or block out shapes. You never know… I actually like drawing these little thumbnails of ideas and stuff. Made me create some of my best stuff. (although my best stuff is the worse stuff for a lot of artists)

Trying to be great or outstanding in art can be an overwhelming thought. Just try and suck a bit less each day.

My thoughts:
Which is the main drawback of this blog! And the internet! And print media! Taking advice from every source imaginable about art is bad. From Creative Directors, professional and amateur artists, it’s crazy. Having your mind cluttered with all the different lessons and advice you want for a particular artistic piece can sometimes be maddening I would stare for hours at a blank canvas, simply because my thoughts keep jumping… It’s kinda like this:

“I want to draw an Armored Gyro Assault Chopper. In a city. Yeah a city that looks like something Syd Mead made. No wait, something like the Japanese version of Metropolis. Wait, I want the Chopper to look like an Osprey. No wait. I want it to look like the one in Appleseed. I want the color scheme like Ghost in the Shell. Oh shit, the anatomy is crap. The composition is off, the color balance is not right..”

Take it one at a time, weed out the bad advice from the good, and ultimately, try to suck less each day.

Work to live, don’t live to work.

My thoughts:
Well, art is a hobby… Oh right, it’s a passion now! But its not work, so it in doesn’t support me in anyway. I could say I do it to live. I mean, no art would make ‘MedMapGuy’ a very dull guy.

If the milk is spoiled and you put it back in the fridge, don’t expect it to be better the next time you take it out.

My thoughts:
Here’s what I think. I hate metaphors. Particularly sports metaphors.

Nobody’s going to care how much you can think outside the box if you can’t color inside the lines.

My thoughts:
Hmm… Let me get this right. While it’s good to think outside the box with these original, outrageous and sometimes heady concepts, the challenge is making it appealing to the mainstream. Now that I think about it, this is very much in line with what I’ve read on Peter Chung. He understands in Aeon Flux that his stories are not for the mainstream, yet it still appealed to a lot of teens due to the inclusion of a scantily clad hottie. The only time I’ve seen that done in animation is… well, from the Japanese.

Everything in art’s been done, but it hasn’t been done by you.

My thoughts:
“Magic girl” manga. It almost seems that every wannabe manga artist around the planet’s done a short-skirted chick with a wand and a cute chibi character. Space marines? Done to death by comics, games and animation. Such is the appeal of unoriginality.

Art, like nature, has a one in a million kinda thing going. For every unoriginal idea out there about a certain concept, there’s bound to be one artist or director, who will turn up something brilliant and compelling. Remember Evangelion? It was like any other monster anime, except it was different because of its strong leads. World War II games have been a fad since 1999, thanks to the success of the Medal of Honor series. Just about every major game company’s got made one, and well… most of them are different.

Maybe I’m describing ‘trends’ or ‘flavor-of-the-months’ but that’s how the creative industry seems to work, you know? I wanna get some of that ‘Me too!’ mentality. Oh, yeah. Notice how the new Robotech’s turning Starwars? ‘Me too’, muthaf**ker!

What do you mean you don’t have access to life drawing classes? If you have internet,
just go to Google and type “big tits ass xxx” or something and you should get millions of references!

My thoughts:

Better keep your mouth shut and be mistaken for an idiot than open it and prove that you are one.

My thoughts:
If I drank a lot of alcohol every time I posted on this blog, the content would still be the same.

And with that, I hope you learned something. This advice isn’t just for me, oh no. It’s for punks who think you’re better than everybody else. Those who believe they are God’s gift to humanity. Those who pass terrible judgment on people to curry favor from the powers that be! Those being who cynically declare everything to be ‘meh’ and that his or her opinion is the only right opinion among a sea of wrong or stupid opinions!

Oh sweet irony. You roll your eyes and say that I, MedMapGuy, am the punk in which I so savagely condemn. I do not deny these trespasses, but everyday, I try. Not to forget the past, but to live and learn from them. Ah, but the world is cruel, and for many the past is your present and your future. And you know how freakin’ stupid that sounds?

C’mon, this topic is just so dark and weird. Let’s lighten the mood up by watching a video from the game ‘Twisted Metal: Black’.

Sweet Tooth, how you inspire me. Your tale of redemption is a story everyone must hear. Even I am inspired!


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