Let's revisit an infamous artist known saucy women with barely-there outfits, twisted anatomy – The one, the classic Hyung Tae-Kim.

Hyung-Tae Kim (born February, 1978, Seoul) is a Korean manhwa artist. He has designed characters for video games such as the Magna Carta series, and the later installments of War of Genesis series. He also's worked on OXIDE series of artbooks.

Get a load of that scapula! And those glutes...

As a manhwa artist, he specializes in a weird deformation technique where the artist disregards anatomical accuracy to achieve a specific feel to the character. This is an interesting point because this is what makes manhwa, well… manhwa. Honestly, despite my being new to the wide world of anime and manga in general, I have yet to see another artist with the style this guy has.

Hyung has also made some stuff for Udon Studios. Notably for the Street Fighter, "Robot" and the "Apple" artbooks. Pretty slick stuff.

According to a fansite, “Hyung-tae Kim designs his characters with perfect structures, including stylish and dazzling outfits.” The exemplary use of colors helps flesh out his characters well beyond most conventional anime-style artists. Hmm... I did see one of Mr. Kim's art pieces where there was a fat guy...

Kim's body of work has achieve such worldwide acclaim that he was even hired for various art commissions in Japan! Can you imagine that?? An artist so good even the Japanese would take notice!

He’s also done some work in a Ragnarok Online art book. For those unaware what I'm talking about, Ragnarok Online is a game that kick-started the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game culture in my home country. I actually haven't seen Mr. Kim's art for this game or the book, but despite his familiar style not being in the game per se, the manhwa art-style is still prevalent, from character designs and to the items, etc. I forget to mention the 'muted' color palette that manhwa artists seem to love so much.

Okay, fine. Let it be known. I've never played any of the Magna Carta games, but that’s just because I've never owned a single console gaming system since ever. But that doesn’t matter, because I've seen some of the stuff from the game, and to tell you the truth, the 3D models and the game worlds themselves don't seem to do justice to Mr. Tae-Kim's beautiful work.

Yeah, maybe his art isn’t for everyone. Maybe some of you cynical artists want an artist prefer more... anatomically possible characters, or they just hate the "anime" style. (a term of derision among many artists) I don’t know, whenever I see this guy’s art, I get all inspired. There’s something to this guy’s style that is just surpasses most other anime artists I’ve seen in the past. Seriously!

The Apple artbook is features some of Hyung's best.

Anyway, It's time for me to end this post, with a video that might actually be relevant this time! My dear, Void, I leave you with the promo video for Blade and Soul. See for yourself if Mr. Kim's designs were translated well to 3D. Go on! Watch if you have nothing else better to do!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Yeah, I saw his artwork in a art book featuring manhwa artist. I like his art too, even though some of his girls are really pushing that little thing called anatomy. lol, really I mean there is no way........

    Anyhoo, his art has form and it flows and doesn't have that stiffness that certain manga's have(if that makes sense) and the color pallete is bomb also.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. um that http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa315/medmapguy/__F___by_kibaandakamaru.jpg picture you posted is NOT his work, that's a deviantart "artist" who copied a lot of his works and posted in her gallery until most of them got deleted so she had to delete the rest.

    sorry had to mention that.

  5. ChrisK Says:
  6. Thanks for the heads-up! Corrected that error with a link to the APPLE artbook Hyung worked on.

    Poor deviantART person...

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. interesting....isnt manhwa basically manga but it korean or something? O__O dang, DA seriosly needs to work that out with art theft ppl...so many hackers, too.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Omg i love his style <3
    well, there is a lot of difference between manga and manhwa, not just that manhwa is korean but if you look at manhwa drawings ang manga drawings you will se that difference since manhwa has that elegancy that most of the manga don't have.


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