"Robotech" is my most favorite animated series. What is Robotech? A general description of the show would be that it is...

"... a science fiction franchise that was launched by an 85-episode adaptation of three different anime television series. The key ingredients in the show has been a mix between humanity's constant struggle against alien oppressors and cheesy soap opera drama."

Others with a more innate understanding of the series would describe the show as:

"... an old cartoon show from the 80's that depicts how
war sucks alot. Humans are generally a war-like species, yet the war itself is sometimes a necessary evil. The aliens always start new war, therefore Earth is always in a position to claim 'Just Warfare'."

For some, the show is an utter abomination in every conceivable way. For folks such as myself, despite its nagging flaws, it is one of the best and most underrrated franchises in the market.

Ever since its release in the 1980's, the franchise has molded into something that is quite unlike its former self. Comics, novels, movies, role-playing games, have all gone out of their way to expand on the mythos in ways that are truly... unique. That may be well and good, but sort of has produced a niche fanbase that can't really agree on the "right" continuity of events, or such.
In essence, everyone has their "own" version of Robotech.

It is my wish then to have this blog have periodical updates for my version of Robotech, tentatively titled "Rebuild of Robotech" Beyond this project though, I wish for this blog to cover all manner of interesting digital eye candy around the net, and beyond. How this entire blog all relates to Robotech won't really matter. This blog will serve as a repository of ideas from any kind of science fiction media I find interesting.

So enjoy!


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